About Us


john morey, president
Mr. Morey directs all Morey Group projects, including project design, strategic analysis, and final presentation. He specializes in start-up planning, audience acquisition, and membership program design for visitor serving attractions. Since 1995, he has worked with more than 200 clients on more than 3000 projects. Mr. Morey serves as the Treasurer for the AAM CARE committee and served as the CARE Southeastern Representative between 2006 and 2009. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wyoming.

julia renken, director of client services
Ms. Renken is responsible for project management, scheduling, and report preparation. Prior to joining Morey Group, Ms. Renken was employed at Manning Selvage & Lee. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina.

matt christopherson, account manager
Mr. Christopherson is responsible for client services, data management and report preparation.  Prior to joining Morey Group, he interned at EngenuitySC in Columbia, S.C.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentrating in Marketing and Global Supply Chain from the University of South Carolina.

sabine beaurain, account assistant
Ms. Beaurain is responsible for survey data management, report preparation, and administrative assistance.  She previously served as Research Assistant for Permar, a real estate market research firm.  She received a dual Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and International Business.

Did you know?
58% of museum visitors visit to bring children.