Solutions come from the ground up.

You know your organization, your audience, your brand, and your challenges better than anyone. We’ve worked with hundreds of cultural attractions across the country, and we know how to ask the right questions - and to get the right answers. Our process combines our knowledge and experience to address your organization’s goals and challenges.

You might be preparing for a major renovation or relocation. Or you’re ready to conduct an annual survey of your visitors or members. You might want to design a new marketing campaign. Or you’re interested in testing a few advertisements or messages. You might want to know how to increase first-time visitation or why your annual attendance is dwindling. Or you’re wondering why your renewal rate refuses to go any higher. Whether your challenges are large or small, we can help. 

We can work within any budget or timeframe. Whether you’re planning two years or two weeks out, we are ready to get started.

Once we understand your goals, we develop the methodologies best suited to meet them. We customize each research tool to gather the right information from the right people. We then tabulate and analyze the data in order to identify trends, correlations, and likely scenarios. You receive a final report of our key findings, conclusions, and recommendations, presented with cross-tabulations, color graphs, and benchmark comparisons, in addition to the raw data.

It’s tempting, especially on a limited budget, to design an online survey to gather your own data. While this may seem preferable to having no data at all, the results could be misinterpreted, biased, and/or misleading. In addition, this information oftentimes ends up on the shelf because you’re not sure what to do with it, how to look at it, or what it’s telling you. Our research is independent, grounded in 25 years of experience, and has a high return on investment. 

Give us a call to talk with us about the information you need to move forward, to make decisions, and to accomplish your goals.

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