Increasing attendance is at the heart of every cultural attraction’s marketing campaign.  Does your brand align with the public’s perception and decision-making process?  Are you advertising in the right places and to the right people?  Are there uncaptured segments of the local and/or tourist markets or have you reached market saturation? 

We utilize focus groups, audience acquisition studies, and visitor surveys to help you do the following:

Define Your Brand and Audience Segments

Identify your target audience segments and learn what your brand is – or should be – communicating to each.

Enhance Advertising Effectiveness

Learn how to increase awareness, determine media placement, and define the messages to incentivize visitation. 

Test Marketing Campaigns, Taglines, and Messages

Get feedback from your target audience about the images, taglines, and key messages that will make them most likely to visit.

Project Attendance

Evaluate incentives or barriers to visitation to identify projected and maximum potential attendance. 

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Determine the right price point to maximize revenue from admission.

Did you know?
24% of zoo visitors are members.